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EDHEC WinFin launches the High School Project at Lycée Maulnier.

The High School Project

The WinFin team is proud to announce its new project launched in 2021: The High School Project.


We observed that too few female students decide to head towards a career in the financial industry, resulting in an overrepresentation of men. As an example, in 2019, only 21.9% of management positions in major financial services companies were held by women. Therefore, our goal is to introduce greater social equity in access to higher education, especially concerning the selective branches of finance.


Our Objectives:

  • Fight against self-censorship

  • Broaden orientation perspectives of students

  • Educate high school students about the main problematics of the finance

Action Plan:

  • Intervene in high schools all over France by organizing sessions to inform, present, answer questions and do workshops, etc.


In March, our team organized two educational sessions about finance. In partnership with Les Cordées de la Réussite, we introduced students to the jobs in finance, including M&A, Private Equity, Trading, and Sustainable Finance. We also spoke about the stereotypes of finance and made a few case studies.


We are very proud of launching this initiative to help and give enough information to students who will shortly have to make their orientation choice as we did not so long ago.

We would like to thank EDHEC Business School and in particular Lydia Nicollet for her support and her engagement. Also, we do not forget the students of Lycée Maulnier, you were amazing to work with !


“Students were very interested in the intervention and participated a lot; we are very proud of the result. We hope to expand our impact by contacting new high schools. When the health situation permits it, we will organize these events in classrooms, with women that work in the financial sector as guests.” - Lorenzo, WinFin Project Manager. 
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