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PwC Women Networking

On the 31st of March, the PwC Transactions teams organized a networking workshop in collaboration with WinFin. The principal contents of this event, exclusively dedicated to EDHEC female students, were:
  • Testimonials of PwC female employees
  • Workshop on how to best prepare for the HR interview
  • Workshop on the preparation for the technical interview
  • Networking session with PwC female employees


After the speakers had summarized their career paths, they proceeded to give a clear explanation of PwC area or expertise: transaction services, valuation & business modelling, business recovery services, and corporate finance. A “Deal Cycle” was provided in order to better understand the different functions carried out in the department and the transactions made between the buyer and the seller from understanding the target to structuring the deal, passing through managing the process, and financing the deal.


An overview of recent deals was followed by the experiences lived by the PwC employees in concluding deals with clients all around the world. These stories inspired and encouraged EDHEC students to discover new things, meet new people, and learn things from different points of view.


The explanation of the “Deal Graduate Program”, the recruitment process, and the profile that PwC seeks has provided valuable instructions and advice on how to enhance technical and soft skills, to strengthen the profile, and thus, to best succeed. In this regard, a valuation process and its key items have been shown in order to let students familiarize themselves with financial analysis concepts such as Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), Enterprise Value (EV), and Equity Value, to evaluate current trading results and to make forecasts on the company’s performance. 


To conclude, we have collected the feedback given from both the students who attended the event and the PwC’s collaborators. Here you can find the results:


From the satisfaction form provided by PwC to the students we have received 13/30 responses that have shown us:


  • Overall rating of the event: 4.8/5

  • 2/3 of the students were from the M1

  • 2/3 of the students have never attended an event in collaboration with PwC

  • The preferred session was the testimonials of PwC female employees

  • The student mainly attended the workshop to know more about the transaction business and the recruitment process

  • More technical cases would have been preferred by the students


Moreover, we are proud to say that the PwC employees were highly satisfied with the event and impressed by the dynamism of the discussion and the interest and the number of questions they received from the students.


Overall, we are glad to have partnered with PwC, without which this event would have never happened, and we expand our thanks to the PwC Transaction Team that has shared recommendations, insights, and precious information with the EDHEC students.

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